How to Rent

Please take a moment to read through the instructions below.

1. Fill out the prospect card by clicking here.

2. You will be contacted by a leasing associate who will confirm room availability.

3. If a unit is available you will receive a link for a rental and credit application. Register, complete the application, and pay the screening fee.
Please note: Students with Guarantors/co-signers must be screened together. Students without a Guarantor and International students should contact us for other options.

4. Your screening results will be sent to you via email.

5. Approved applicants will be notified by a leasing associate that a lease is ready to be reviewed and signed. Lease documents must be digitally signed within 24 hours of their receipt or the application will be terminated. Applicants must also submit evidence of their student enrollment status. This can be a copy of your student ID or your acceptance letter.

6. After you submit your signed lease you will receive confirmation from the leasing staff. The leasing staff will make arrangements for you to submit the required security deposit and rent payment.

7. You have 48 hours to submit payment or the application will be terminated.

8. After receipt of your signed lease, the required payments, and acceptable evidence of your student enrollment status, we will counter-sign your lease and confirm your residence at The Metropolitan.

Please note: Your lease is not valid until payment is received and the lease is counter-signed by the leasing staff.